Learning and Teaching

St Damian’s is a ‘Learning Centred School’ and closely aligns all learning and teaching upon the Catholic Education Office ‘Learning Centred Schools, One Body Many Parts philosophy.

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Learning Centred Schools

The learning and teaching at St Damian’s develops the students’ capacity to manage themselves, their relationships with others and their connections with the world. Learning is enhanced when teachers and students work within a positive culture that reflects gospel values and respects the human person. Optimum learning occurs when teachers actively engage students through purposeful inquiry learning and ‘hands-on’ activities. 

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At St Damian’s students develop the capabilities required to deal with issues and change and to act effectively as responsible members of the twenty-first century.

Teachers plan in level teams to ensure successful implementation of the VELs (Victorian Essential Learning Standards).


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The Discipline based learning strands are; Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, Languages (Italian) and the Arts.

Physical, Personal and Social learning strands include; Personal learning, Interpersonal Learning, Civics & Citizenship and Health & Physical Education

The Interdisciplinary learning strands are; Information Communication & Technology, Thinking, Design Creativity & Technology and Communication.