Religious Education

Religious Education forms an integral part of life at St. Damian’s, it is central to what we as a Catholic school aim to achieve, that is, we have concern for all members of our diverse community as unique people, who are loved by God.


 We work to assist each person to fulfil his or her potential in a community centred on the teachings of Jesus Christ and Catholic tradition.

Each year a theme is chosen that reflects the Liturgical Cycle. This year is the year of Matthew and our theme is ‘Be the Light’. Each student from Foundation Year to Year Six will explore this theme and what it means for them as children of God. We hope that the students will come to recognize not only the light inside themselves but the light inside the other members of our community.

We encourage the students to be socially just in their dealings with one another, working together as a whole school as we try to be the light for others affords St. Damian’s an opportunity to be “The light of the world” (Matt. 5:14).