St Damian's provides a Mathematic's program which encourages children to solve 'real life' problems. Children use manipulative materials and resources to help clarify their mathematical thinking. Discussion of how children are thinking when problem solving is encouraged, as this allows for deeper understanding and sharing of strategies.



We endeavour to provide a challenging learning environment that is exciting, enjoyable and catering to the individual needs of each child.

Mathematics learning is conducted daily and Parent Helpers are encouraged to share in the learning of their children.


The Mathematics session is broken into three learning stages:

  •  'Tuning In' or 'Tool Time' where children are tuned in to Mathematics learning
  •  Student Activity where the whole class or small group learning takes place
  • Share Time where children verbalise and share what they have discovered in Mathematics.

 Contemporary Teaching and Learning Mathematics (CTLM)

St Damian's school is extremely fortunate to be enrolled in the CTLM project. The focus is about providing teachers with the skills, strategies and understanding about how we best learn Mathematics. Each fortnight James Giannopolous and Michelle Bailey from CEOM will work extensively with our teachers. This project has been planned to support us in achieving our "Learning and Teaching" goal from our school improvement plan. The goal is: 'To improve student engagement and learning and the student performance in Numeracy be improved.'