Specialist Program

St Damian's offers a range of specialist learning areas for each student.

Physical Education

St. Damian's has a dynamic and comprehensive Physical Education and Sports program. The Physical Education program for all children from Prep through to Year Six is based around the development of motor skills as defined in the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS).

Information and Communication Technology

St Damian's Primary School integrates technologies, engaging students in ways not previously possible, creating new learning and teaching possibilities, enhancing achievement and extending interactions
with local and global communities. 


Students start to understand and use  Italian  in structured situations and activities related to their local environment: self, family, home, classroom and community.  They learn about culture in context from stimulus materials. They learn that there are different ways of doing things and to identify what is familiar and what is different in their own and other cultures.

Contemporary Arts

 Students are given the opportunity to explore their artistic talents. All students participate in a Contemporary Arts lesson each week. The Contemporary Arts include dance, drama, music, visual art and media art.

Reading Recovery

A proportion of students will be identified at the end of Foundation Year as requiring support with reading and writing strategies. The Reading Recovery program provides one-to-one intervention that assists students and accelerates student's literacy skills to a higher level.