Sacrament Dates 2015

Sacramental Evening (parents only): Wednesday 18th March 7:30pm
Confirmation Parent / Child Night: Tuesday 5th May 7:30pm
Presentation Masses: Saturday 2nd May, 5:30pm & Sunday 3rd May 10:00am
Confirmation Masses: Sunday 17th May, 2:00pm and 4:30pm

Sacramental Evening (parents only): Wednesday18th March 7:30pm
Presentation Masses: Saturday 1st August, 5:30pm & Sunday 2nd August 10:00am
Parent / Child Night: Tuesday 14th July 7:30pm
Eucharist Reflection Day (children only): Friday 14th August

Eucharist Masses:

Saturday 22nd August 5:30pm and Sunday 23rd August 10:00am

Saturday 29th August 5:30pm & Sunday 30th August 10:00am

Presentation Masses: Saturday 14th March 5:30pm & Sunday 15th March 10:00am
Sacramental Evening (parents only): Wednesday 18th March 7:30pm
Reconciliation Ceremony: Wednesday 25th March, 7:30pm