First Eucharist Celebrations

30 August 2013 | General Interest

As a school we have completed our First Eucharist celebrations for 2013. These celebrations have been a very special time for both the school and parish of St Damian’s. Our students looked so proud as they came to the ‘Table of the Lord,’ for the first time and were strengthened by the ‘Body and Blood’ of Christ. Our congratulations are extended to all children who were a part of these celebrations.   At this time each year we are all given the time to reflect on the significance of the Eucharist which is central to our faith. The Eucharist strengthens us as we live a true Christian life.

We are most appreciative of the support given by their families, friends and parishioners.

We especially acknowledge the guidance, support and warmth of Father Vincent.  Father Vincent ensured that every child was given a sense of importance at the celebration and during the preparations. We also acknowledge Gayle Aiello our Parish Pastoral Associate and Lina Parisot our Parish Secretary for their support.

We express our gratitude to Aoife McCarthy our Religious Education Leader and to our Year Four teachers, Maureen

Kovacevic, Tim Watson, Marcia Smarrelli, Mary Marotta, Riki Bossini, Jan Tivisini and Brooke  Di Muzio . We also thank our musicians and all staff who supported these celebrations.