Reconciliation Week - Sorry Day 26th May 2015

29 May 2015 | General Interest


Reconciliation Week - Sorry Day 26th May 2015

The 26th of May each year we commemorate ‘Sorry Day’. This is a very important and significant day for all Australian’s but especially Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. On Tuesday Mrs Marotta and I accompanied ten Year Five students including our FIRE Carriers to the Whittlesea ‘Sorry Day’ ceremony. This is a very movingand poignant ceremony which is attended by many people in the Whittlesea Shire, both aboriginal and non- aboriginal. The students listened to a touching story from a local resident Sharyn Lovett, a member of the stolen generation. They listened to acknowledgment speeches in six languages, and the mayor’s address. I was privileged to be asked as a guest speaker to speak on the importance of reconciliation in education and promote all the great things we do at St. Damian’s school. The  students also participated in the symbolic ‘Sorry Day Walk’ a legacy of Uncle Reg Blow, a champion of Reconciliation. They witnessed Wurundjeri elder Ian Hunter’s lighting of a fire in the traditional way by rubbing two sticks. This was a special part of the ceremony as it signifies a welcome to country. They enjoyed participating with other students in some Aboriginal games on the lawns and were treated to some refreshments afterwards.

All in all the experience was a memorable one . We hope that you will make some time this week to reflect on the importance of this week and to discuss with your children its significance. Perhaps they will share their learning with you. Can I share a quote with you

“It never goes away. Just ‘cause we’re not walking around on crutches or with bandages or plasters on our arms and legs doesn’t mean we’re not hurting. I suspect I’ll carry these sorts of wounds ’till the day I die”- (Confidential Evidence 580, Queensland. Bringing them home report).

Mattie Dragonetti