Sorry Day 2016

3 June 2016 | General Interest

Thursday May 26 was a wet and miserable day, indicating that winter was just around the corner. It was also a very important day on the Australian calendar. This day marked ‘National Sorry Day’, a day when we as a nation remember the trauma of many stolen Aboriginal children who are known as the ‘Stolen Generation’.  St. Damian’s school marked this day with their participation in Whittlesea Council’s Sorry Day commemoration at the Council offices. Nine Year five students and two staff  went along to hear the stories of members of the stolen generation, to participate in the FIRE ceremony and acknowledge the hurt of the past by offering their words of sorrow.

Mrs. Dragonetti who is a member of Whittlesea’s Reconciliation Group also spoke to the audience about her life growing up in inner Melbourne, living alongside an Aboriginal community  but being denied the true history of our nation throughout her education. She also spoke about the need for future generations to go down a different path of knowledge by being immersed in the real knowledge and embracing opportunities to meet and talk with Aboriginal people who have a rich story to tell.

The students listened with genuine interest as speakers told about their story, being removed from their families and growing up in institutions without ever knowing the love of a mother and father.  Back at school the students reflected on their experience and wrote about what touched them. It is experiences such as these which allow for rich learning and growing towards an understanding of Reconciliation that students will remember and carry through to adulthood.