Principal’s Welcome



 A warm welcome is extended to all children, their parents, extended families and friends to St Damian’s parish and school community.

 We acknowledge that parents are the children’s prime educators and consider ourselves privileged to work in this partnership. The school has a long history of valuing its traditions and unique culture. As our world changes we are changing our approach to learning and teaching, as we believe in educating our students for life.


We pride ourselves in providing quality education which nurtures each child’s spiritual and educational growth, within a supportive and caring environment. We accept that it is our responsibility to provide a balanced curriculum that is relevant to each child and will enable them to learn the skills and knowledge that are required in our contemporary world. At St Damian’s we view ourselves as a ‘Community of Learners.’

Father Vincent Le, the staff and I anticipate that all who become associated with St Damian’s will find it a secure, happy and exciting place to be.

Rosanna Piccolo