Lunchtime Clubs

The Lunchtime clubs offered at St Damian's give students the opportunity to engage and participate in activities that they enjoy and are passionate about. The teachers at St Damian's volunteer their lunchtime to run clubs for the students as places where they can feel connected and part of a group that share similar interests. We are so lucky at St Damian's that we have dedicated, enthusiastic and talented teachers that are willing to share their skills with our students! Some of our clubs allow students to find a quiet and calm place where they are able to share their gifts and talents with others. Other clubs allow students the opportunity to try something new such as knitting or gardening and uncover a hidden passion.

The lunchtime clubs and activities may change each term which allows for a range of activities to be explored. The clubs that currently run at St Damian's include:

  • Art
  • Library
  • Indoor/ Outdoor games

"What I like about the Art club is that you get to create paintings and drawings and even posters. You also get to be creative about what you do. I like Gardening club because you plant things and then you make things out of them. It's healthy!"     - Dante (3/4KW)

"Library club is a really good club to go in because there are lots of nice books to read and if you are doing a project you can read books about what you want to learn. In the Glee club we get to learn so many different things like the Cup song and we learn dances too."    - Jaida (3/4M)